Monday, November 15, 2010

Just love dramas about hospitals, surgery and medical stuff.

Just finished watching a Korean drama Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors. Though not 100%, but it did resemble Japanese medical dramas such as Code Blue.The intense atmosphere in the hospital to save a life, the complicated medical terms not seen in everyday dialogues, the different uniform colours of doctors from different specialization, all of these, excite my senses while watching the whole drama. Not only that, the romance of those tough yet vulnerable doctors is also an element that spice up the whole drama to another level. Although not a die-hard fan of Korean drama, I utterly enjoyed this Korean drama, so much so that I finished it in 3 days! Well, I do have friends who have similar taste and share same interest to these type of genres of dramas, but I also have friends who find these story-lines rather uneasy and bring much discomfort. Why? Simple. Not everyone like blood shed everywhere nor witness the whole process of stomach opening, intestines laid out in front of your eyes not to mention the thumping of the heart in the surgeon's palm. Quite disgusting right?

However, we should also adopt a different perspective to such rather reality-based dramas. Imagine the real-life situations in hospitals. Feel the emotions, hard decisions, complicated disease symptoms that a doctor has to go through. Wow, it just blows my mind away. No wonder some people think doctors are cold-blooded, as they see death face to face and on a daily basis. I once dreamed to be a neurology surgeon when I was younger. Thanks to my disinterest in Biology, I gave up my 10 year long dream to pursue something else. I've always like the thought of saving people; the satisfaction and feeling is so overwhelming that in that moment (especially in dramas when a doctor managed to save a life) that it give rise to a thought of how weak and fragile life is. In a twinkle of an eye, the person you have cherished so much may have just left you forever in the operation board of in the hospital bed. In reality (and drama), successful cases do not occur each and every time. There may be failures, unintentional mistakes, wrong approach of medication which leads a patient to a worse scenario (the worst is of course death). During such times, it makes me ponder again how much more we need to rely on God for His power and strength to survive in this little world.

People need God, and people need people. When a family has a sick patient, love and care are essential for the recovery of the unfortunate member. Persistence, courage as well as positiveness also play an important role when combating diseases that make any effort seem futile and give an illusion that the end of the medication is hopelessness and disappointment. So rather than stay pessimistic, why not live life joyfully and thankfully and with much happiness, as there's a saying that laughter is the best medicine. Even if a person just have 1 more day to survive, I always believe that every second of that last day can bring positive impact on others and change another's life for the better. That is why there are people who donate their organs after they passed away as their can influence and change another needy person's life forever despite them not being around.

So to all the doctors and doctors-to-be, I extend my utmost gratitude for your hard effort in saving lives besides prolonging and improving mankind's health. To end with a happier note, the supporting male actor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Doctor, Song Joong Ki is super hot !!

Below is the link to watching the Korean drama :
Enjoy !!

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