Friday, February 25, 2011

My Princess ended so soon !!

After 8 weeks of commitment watching the Korean drama My Princess, the sweet and humorous drama has finally ended with a perfect full stop. Starring Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee, the story revolves around Korean's princess Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee) and Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hun), who is the grandson to Daehan Group sucessor besides being a diplomat.

Though the drama My Princess is not 1st or 2nd ranked throughout its broadcasting period, it was a great pleasure watching the budding romance between the 2 main characters, which developed from dislike to love. Plus, the whole drama was an eye candy with gorgeous Tae Hee and handsome Seung Hun (who has been in hiatus for 2 years due to military service). To add on, there were quite a number of twist to the storyline which added excitement, frustration and despair to viewers.

[Spoiler Alert]
I was extremely pleased to watch the ending of the drama, as it ended with a happy and super sweet note. Finally, the 2 love birds are able to be together from any obstacles and problems facing them. Personally, I don't think how the ending can be more perfect and thus, I would like to say "Bravo!" to the scriptwriter (and of course the actor and actress for the hot smouching in the last few minutes of the final episode).

So I guess I will be into a new Korean drama Midas (starring Jang Hyuk) for now ...