Monday, December 6, 2010

I sense Christmas soon! Part 2

Christmas, the season of giving. Of course, everyone loves receiving presents than giving out gifts (I suppose). However, if the present given was cherished, appreciated and meaningful to the other person, then I bet the happiness of giving presents will have doubled (or even trebled).

So don't let the opportunity in this Yuletide season to slide away, and buy a gift (a one with much consideration, thought and care) for your loved ones. Maybe, the present isn't that expensive (who cares, as long as the person accepting it knows our sincerity). And for those receiving presents (including myself), I believe we will always be thankful for whatever present that we received (which are not pranks, jokes or anything humiliating). Indeed, people who are creative or want an individual touch to their present can hand-make or personally design a gift for that special someone in this joyous festival.

And yes, the process of choosing presents during Christmas is not a piece of cake. First, we have to consider the other person's preferences. Next, the present's suitability for this season; and lastly the cost (only if you're on a present budget). Good news is Christmas is during the end of the year! (which is during the year-end sale, where there'll be lots of discounts and offers). For me, sometimes a Christmas card can compliment the present you give and make the present more valuable with a personal Christmas message. So everyone, Merry Christmas and have a fun time buying (or making) presents! (And please don't do last-minute shopping for presents, you'll be so hyped and tensed in choosing what to buy!)

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