Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Infatuation is dangerous ...

Infatuation is dangerous? How? Well, it definitely wouldn't hurt physically and leave you with bleeds, cuts and bruises, but it'll no doubt affect your feelings and emotions. If you know the difference between infatuation and love, then that's the good news; at least it makes the process of handling and controlling your emotions much more easier, and makes you think rationally and that you understand to why you feel like in cloud nine whenever you see, think or imagine about that person.

These days, people often blur the line between love and infatuation. Sometimes I wonder whether superstar fans really love their idol or are just simply infatuated by their charms, e.g. gorgeous looks, polite manners, good etiquette and high intelligence. Going back to the topic, infatuation can lead to several negative effects so much so a person only thinks of his/her infatuated "sweet heart" that it decreases their efficiency and progress in their work. The thought of the person keeps appearing in the mind which disrupts and bugs the everyday life. The regular pattern of a person's daily activities are obstructed as a result of infatuation. Appetite for food is affected, there is an inability to focus and accomplish a task and a rapidly increasing heartbeat whenever the image of the person being infatuated after appears in the mind, dreams or thoughts. People even smile abruptly at the thought of their infatuated individual. How bad can it be? Continuing from the examples of super stars, infatuation is worsen by the advancement of technology; as in the blink of an eye, you can search for whatever multimedia releases of the idol online, which includes biography, news releases, dramas, songs, movie and gossips about that particular idol.

Having myself exposed to too much Korean TV series and reality shows, I think I'm getting too immersed with Song Joong Ki nowadays. Rather than idolising him, I would consider myself being infatuated temporarily by his cuteness and charming character. How did this occur? It's all because of continuous exposure to his acting and involvement in the Korean show biz. First was Running Man that features Joong Ki as a regular cast, followed by the Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal where Joong Ki acts as the playboy, Goo Yong Ha, and lastly the drama Obstetrics and Gynaecology Doctors.Ah, Joong Ki rocks! Not only he has the looks but the brains and character as well! Seriously, I want my infatuation to end as soon as possible, as the title suggests, infatuation is dangerous!

Song Joong Ki

However, infatuation is not as terrible as what I've written earlier. Yes, I do know I'm a bit exaggerative in describing that phenomenon that most teenagers experience in this cyber age. But hey, the truth is, what's wrong with having infatuated as long as you have self-control, know what you're doing, not going against the law and not sinning against God? No harm fantasizing over that prince charming like Mr Darcy in Pride & Prejudice, or the 9 pretty Korean singers in Girls' Generation. Who in the world would not like to have a perfect partner? As long as we can come back to reality and face the truth, I think we can treat infatuation as a ripple in life that brings a little bit more excitement and fun in the monotonous, sometimes dull and boring lives of people. Don't you agree?

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