Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weather in Melbourne.

Just came back from class and it started pouring like dogs and cats. It's so weird how the weather in Melbourne changes. It's so unpredictable, more unpredictable than how an Aquarius thinks and reacts. It can be freezing cold for a week and sizzling hot the next day. As a result, people have to wear lots of layers just in case the weather turns from summer to winter or otherwise. My housemate even commented that Melbourne only has 2 seasons, i.e. summer and winter (which I agree to some extent), and though it seem unreasonable to think such way, but reality has push us to assume so. I had finally bid goodbye to my heater and hello to my fan yesterday but within 24 hours, due to the weather, I'm having second thoughts. To survive in the bad weather, umbrella is an essential thing to have when your not at home. Maybe raincoat have similar use but it ain't that cool. Plus, I hardly see people in raincoats these days.

I often think that people's feelings can be associated with weather. Just like how weather can be warm and sunny, cold and windy, cloudy and breezy, people experience similar ups and downs in emotions.  Apart from that, just like how a rainbow brightens the day after a storm, a meaningful or memorable event add surprises to our dull daily lives. So are you like the weather? With big lapse of change in feelings and emotions? Or do you dress grey or black when the weather's gloomy and colorfully when the weather's bright and sunny? No matter how, we must learn to adapt the the weather and learn to except that people have different emotions and thoughts. It's no use cursing the weather when it's bad, just think optimistically and remember that the sun will always appear again after all the big harsh raindrops that fall on your back. Similarly, no point being angry and harbor hatred but learn to love and accept each other's wrongdoings and forgive for a better world.

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