Monday, November 29, 2010

Disney's Magic (Part 3)

Cinderella Poster
Having known more about Snow White, one of the next classic of Disney's fairy tales is Cinderella. The production of Cinderella took over 10 years of planning and production as a result of the World War II and low budget, but was finally completed in 1950. Similar to Snow White, Cinderella has its storyline altered which excluded some gruesome events in the earlier versions of Cinderella (also known as The Little Glass Slipper). In the earlier versions (Brothers Grimm version to be specific), Cinderella's stepsisters did extreme actions just to fit in the small fragile glass shoe to their feet, which is by cutting off part of their feet. In the Grimm's version there was no fairy godmother but a wishing tree and that the prince was rather foolish (as he had to be told by birds twice) about who the real bride truly is. Thankfully, Walt Disney production adapted one of the best and gracious versions of Cinderella, known as Cendrillon, which was written by Charles Perrault, which (of course) has the fairy godmother and a good ending for everyone (both Cinderella and her stepsisters).

The evil stepmother - Lady Tremaine
The ugly stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella

The screen version must perceive and emphasize the basic moral intent and the values upon which every great persistent fairy tale is found - Walt Disney

One feature that Disney emphasized in the production is the cat, Lucifer. Lucifer was drawn to bring more comedic elements to the storyline of Cinderella. Apart from that, the Disney animation team did lots of drafts as to perfect the drawings of the pumpkin which will later transform into a magnificent carriage. One part of Cinderella that I like most apart from Cinderella finally gets to escape from the looked chamber and fits into the glass slipper (the one she owns as the original one was broken into pieces) was the magical transformation of her torn pink dress to a spectacular white and elegant dress. Every time I think of that scene, the song Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo will arise in my mind. Well, I also enjoyed the other magic process such as turning the pumpkin to a carriage, mice to horses, horse to coachman and dog to footman.

Fairy Godmother doing measurements for the gown

The transformation to the white gown
And finally (the happy ending that I really like), despite all trials and difficulties, Cinderella can finally be wedded to the prince and live happily together, and leave from her stepmother's evil clutches of slavery as well as the jealousy and cruelty of her stepsisters.

Cinderella fitting into the glass slipper

Cinderella and her Prince charming

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