Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I sense Christmas soon! Part 1

Having had my 3rd paper, Accounting Transactions and Analysis a day before, I decided to take a break and walk around the city of Melbourne. Having had a bad breakfast in Shark Fin House, located in Little Bourke Street (not because the food was unpalatable, but due to the arrogance and questionable service of the waiters and waitresses),me and my house mate, Juan decided to stroll around the city and sight-see a bit despite having explored most parts of the exciting city earlier in the year.

A Christmas tree in Bourke Street
Wow! What a sight to behold! It's already Christmas!, that's the 1st thought when we walked along Bourke Street. Light stands were decorated with huge colourful stars and all shops were fully decorated with Christmas trees, banners and the whole street was filled with jolly music. The atmosphere was definitely a joyous one, and I instantly forgot that I was still in the midst of my examinations (why do I still have 1 more paper left - Introduction to Actuarial Science?). For sure, I was already in a festival-mood! At that moment, my mouth wanted to burst out the words "Merry Christmas, everybody!". Of course doing that would make me seemed insane as it was only the 17th of November, a long time before Christmas. So being rational, I restrained and composed myself to being a tourist again.

A Christmas tree in Collins Street
One thing for sure, the Christmas trees decorated in Australia differ from other northern hemisphere countries, such as England, the US, France and Canada, which is that the trees are never covered in snow. Let's face reality, Australia (and New Zealand) will never experience a white Christmas in the midst of spring where the sun is punctual to shine so mightily and brightly in the day, and that the temperature can reach as high as 30 degrees Celsius! Well, (to console the Australians) at least there's still the oven-baked stuffed turkey, scrumptious ginger cookies, glorious Christmas carols and meaningful exchange of presents among family and friends all in a warm weather replacing the icy, cold snowy nights. Plus, we get to save money from buying lots of cotton or any material that looks similar to snow for decorating that tall Christmas tree (quite environment-friendly, I guess).

Christmas is one of the most meaningful and exciting seasons of the year. It's the time of the year when people gather together for a Christmas feast, exchange presents and remember the whole meaning of Christmas again. For now, let's focus on another of the highlight of Christmas - decorating the Christmas tree. December is finally the time to take that Christmas tree out from the garage and serve its purpose for the coming festival. In my opinion, the whole process of decorating the Christmas tree, from hanging countless different and unique Christmas decorations on the tree, arranging beautifully wrapped presents beneath the tree, twirling LED lights around the tree, to accurately placing that shining star on top of the tree a rather tiring and time-consuming task. Unless your profession is decorating Christmas trees, or that you are a perfectionist who is so meticulous in things that you find the only person capable to accomplish the task of decorating, no other than yourself, I find no reason why a person would want to finish decorating the tree alone, with his/her own strength and might. It's a rather tedious task, and without someone else to lend a helping hand, I don't see any fun or excitement in it. Since young, American dramas and movie always depict the process of decorating the Christmas tree a group event, whether with friends or family (Usually when decorating the tree alone, there'll be a sad music background or that the actor decorating will have a depressed expression). During that time of perfecting the Christmas tree, people get to cooperate, share the fun (and workload) of decorating and hence brings people closer to each other (although there maybe other cases where people disagree with the designs of decorations or the place to hang the decorations on the tree). And the end product is no other than an astonishing, brilliant and splendidly decorated Christmas tree. Personally, I've never been involved or experience decorating a tree (thanks to my parents who give lame excuses such as there's not enough space in the storage room, the ceiling's too low and etc.). Thus, one of my dreams is to buy my own Christmas tree and decorate it to be one of the most superb tree in the whole town! With no Christmas tree, the whole atmosphere of Christmas will seem to lack something important.

Anyway, just can't wait for Christmas! Do hope all of you will cherish this coming meaningful season with all your loved ones and never forget to take the opportunity to go under that mistletoe with that special one of yours! (since it's Christmas!)

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