Friday, November 19, 2010

Sorry, I'm no fan of Harry Potter!

Being so constantly exposed to the recent trends, including fashion, cosmetic products, movie and songs, it definitely makes me an odd-ball for not watching any Harry Potter movie series, let alone read the books written by the renowned author, J.K. Rowling. (That's why I'm not a fan of the famous HP.)

HP movie poster 
Though having not watched or read any Harry Potter stuff, amazingly I still have much knowledge about this magic-background fictional book. The truth is, all my friends around me are fans and supporters of either the HP books and/or movie series. Thus, thanks to those people, I know not only the main characters of the story but even the story-line for some of the Harry Potter books. Which books? , you would be wondering. The answer is the 3rd book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and the last book, Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows. For the other books, I don't really remember the story (my story-tellers are different every time), maybe only a vague understanding of the partial growth of the characters and the changing situations and plots. As for the HP movie series part, I get to watch the trailers too, so though having no experience watching a Harry Potter movie in a cinema before, at least I get a taste of it via its exciting trailers (though my friends always comment that the book is much more interesting and captivating than the movie). Honestly, I don't consider the actor, Daniel Radcliffe extremely attractive or handsome but am more interested to the actress who plays Hermaine, Emma Watson, who is growing to be prettier as years pass by. Well, having known so much about HP considering my status is absolutely unbelievable in my point of view. So maybe I will never understand the latest HP movie which is currently airing in cinemas worldwide, but fortunately I can still have a little taste of it from friends who are constantly excited (some disappointed) after watching the movie.

HP movie poster
I believe most people are captivated by the thought of magic, where you can utilize, move, transform or create something remarkable by a magic spell or potion. However, the reality is, there is never such an easy path in life. I've learnt from my parents that you have to earn everything by hard work, whether what you desire are good grades, respect from others, fame or wealth. Nothing comes without a price. Plus, the satisfaction and happiness of being rewarded after a period of commitment and diligence is more fulfilling than being spoon-fed. Yes, I do know the path will definitely be rocky (and sometimes lonely), but I believe that time will proof the effort you've made (though some people do fail lots of time and fail to see a success). If people were given magic powers, wouldn't the world be rather chaotic? Imagine the villains who are so powerful, can good always rein over evil? I doubt that.  Anyway, HP is one of the fantasies that people dream of, a totally different world and dimension. A whole new level of pleasure, fun and a utterly unique imagination playground for people to escape the stress of everyday lives.

So do I ever regret not reading or watching HP? No and never. Maybe I won't be able to chat about this topic with my friends, maybe I seem rather awkward in a group who's chatting about the latest HP movie and maybe I'm unfamiliar with the HP movie cast, but I know it's alright. So what if I miss a great book or movie? Life goes on and maybe when I'm 50, I can pride myself to others about that odd fact of mine. (I know it's quite naive).

So to all the HP fans out there, do enjoy the HP and the Deadly Hollows movie !!

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