Monday, July 19, 2010

To pack or unpack?

Dear Rosabelle,

As you know, I'm leaving to Melbourne today. Well, for a girl, one of the hardest task to accomplish is packing the luggage. There's so much to pack and arrange. At the end of the day, I'm rather amazed at how I packed and arrayed tonnes of stuff into that small luggage of mine.

Here's the list that's essential to bring along (which I rather squeezed into the bag):
1. Shoes (I bought along 4 pairs)
2. Cosmetics (Just some blusher, sunblock, moisturizing cream,etc.)
3. Clothes (Which took up more than half of the bag)
4. Stationery (As I'm going overseas to study)
5. Laptop (A must bring to anywhere I go!)
6. iPhone (My only entertainment when in the airport or in the plane)

Oh, Rosabelle, if only there was a teleport system, then I can just teleport my whole closet to Melbourne. And imagine the weight of my luggage !!! I have such a difficult time carrying it downstairs, it was even more tiring than running a marathon !! Thank God my brother was there to help me (or more like he did all the physical work of shifting the luggage down the fleet of stairs).

So what's the tips to packing your luggage?
-Only bring necessities (depends on individuals) and stuff that's easy to pack
-Ensure the stuff you bring are not banned to the country you're travelling to
-Never (Yes, never ever) have you luggage over-stuffed
-Make sure your luggage is locked and labelled
How to pack your luggage?

So that's all. Wish me a safe trip to the land of kangaroos yea ~

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