Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just some thoughts to ponder ...

Have you ever faked a smile or just followed what others said despite disagreeing? It's always easy to just "go with the flow" and not offend people. But in the meanwhile you reveal less about yourself, your originality and what you truly feel or think. On the other hand, have you pushed your thoughts, ideas and decisions too far and not let anyone barge in and disrupt whatever that  you think should be primp and proper or the optimal choice? The first thought is how bad is being too good, where you're just a "yes" man? The other thought is what the limit to being overly-confident and out-spoken? It's really hard to find a balance and display one's true personality especially with the perception of others. To those careful people, minds may be filled with thoughts like "Am I too harsh with my words?" and "Should I have given a kinder approach"; and to those slightly self-centered, what they may ponder is whether they stood out and the point they want across really achieve its purpose. So at the end of a day is there any measurements or solution to this?

I seriously have no idea. But I believe one person needs display his/her personality appropriately. So what if it's a fake smile, if it solves or avoid problems, then it's a mature move. So what if I insist on my thoughts, the one who bears the consequences is me and not others. I always believe in people showing their originality but with limits - this is where respect and love takes charge. 

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