Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's time for Karaoke!

 What to do after the exams when you're free and want to release all the stress piled up from revision? Karaoke is one of the best things to do!So having had my last paper the day earlier, my housemate, Iris invited me for a Karaoke session. Without any hesitation, I agreed immediately and was anticipating for the 5-hour long singing (sometimes mumbling words, screaming lyrics, or plain making noisy) duration. Among the Karaoke places that I've visited in Melbourne are KBOX in La Trobe Street and PartyWorld in Melbourne Central. Well this time, Juan, Iris, Eve and me decided to visit PartyWorld for an exciting Karaoke experience. By the way, as the Karaoke places in Melbourne offer liquor and alcoholic beverages, it is a MUST to bring along an ID for age verification.

What's the most feared things during Karaoke? First, it is singing alone and that the other people have no clue to the rhythm, lyrics and tune; and thus can't sing-a-long. As a result, it brings the atmosphere down. Secondly, it's the wrong selection of songs. Although I'm not against sad and emotional songs, but I definitely would not recommend slow and repetitive songs that seem endless and boring to sing. Just think it this way, if you as the singer feel bored singing that song, then it's no doubt a living hell to others in that Karaoke room (who may really dislike whatever you're singing). Contradicting to majority's belief, I find people who sing extremely well rather pleasing to have for Karaoke (as long as the songs they sing are good and I can sing a few lines with them). However, don't get me wrong. I'm most welcomed to have friends who sings terribly during the session too, as these people are usually the ones who spice up the occasion and make the Karaoke room much more livelier and fun (But not too much or I'll get a headache later). Obviously, I don't mean to humiliate or discriminate these bad vocalists, but the fact is not everyone is as talented as Susan Boyles, so let's just ignore that fact and have a wonderful time together instead!

So what if you just have an ordinary voice and wish to make the atmosphere high without embarrassing yourself with bad vocals? My tip for this is to use the instrument provided (if available) in the Karaoke room - the tambourine. Of course, the tambourine is only suitable for fast and catchy tracks. Please never use it for melancholic songs that are peaceful and melodious. Another tip is to shake your body - dance a bit. It may seem awkward in the beginning (and some people may feel uncomfortable with it), but it will most probably make the atmosphere happier and more hilarious. Plus, I think you'll feel good while enjoying the song (if you have thick skin, in this case). No point everybody just stick their butt to the seats for 5 hours long or more and later get muscle cramps. So maybe choosing songs (I would suggest popular Korean songs) that have easy dance moves are rather wise for livening the atmosphere in the room (of course if the room is too small and crowded, clapping of hands while standing is just sufficient).

A tambourine and microphone for Karaoke
For me among the songs that are a must to sing are:
1. Nobody (Wonder Girls)
Selection of songs by Iris
2. When You Believe (Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey)
3. Superstar (SHE)
4. 倒带(蔡依林)
5. Tic Toc (Kesha)
And I just found out that I really like singing Barbie Girl (Aqua), Lemon Tree, Boy Who Murdered Love (Diana Vickers), 21 Guns (Green Day) and Fuck You (Lily Allen). Of course the list is not limited to this but among the songs that are really good for livening up the atmostphere are (It's only suggestions by me):

1. Got a Feeling (Black Eye Peas)
2. 离开地球表面 (五月天)
3. Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)
4. Gee (SNSD)
5. 庆祝 (杨丞琳)

Every individual is unique and have different preferences so it really depends on the mood and what genres and types of songs you like for Karaoke. Let's not bound ourselves to the specific songs but explore more songs during Karaoke. That's what makes Karaoke interesting and fun! So everybody, let's go Karaoke ~

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